ZeroPM Prevention Workshop – Presentations

Sarah Hale and Hans Peter Arp (NGI): Introduction to the ZeroPM Prevention Workshop
Joel Tickner (Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences): Evolving directions in alternatives assessment methods and practice: Driving growth of safer and more sustainable chemicals
Sylvain Bintein (European Commission): Updates and perspectives from the European Commission
Konstantinos Prevedouros (ECHA): ECHA’s perspectives on the introduction of new hazard classes into the classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) regulation
Romain Figuière (Stockholm University): Managing PMT/vPvM substances in consumer products through the concepts of essential-use and functional substitution
Michael Neumann (German Environment Agency): Regulatory Options for PMT/vPvM substances in the REACH registration database
Victoria Lidén (Storebrand Asset Management): Why financial investors should care about persistent chemicals
Maria Åkerfeldt (H&M Group): Moving away from PFAS