ZeroPM Deliverables

A list of ZeroPM project deliverables can be found below.

Publications, early data releases, presentations and other open access resources are published live on ZeroPM’s Zenodo community!

Deliverable 1.3: Project Management Handbook including a risk management plan, NGI, December 2021.

Deliverable 3.1: Report on EU-level policy zero-pollution ambitions: analysis of actions, needs, and challenges for meeting ambitions, MILIEU, June 2022.

Deliverable 3.5: Policy briefs presenting key findings and recommendations for policy actions. First brief, MILIEU, September 2022.

Deliverable 4.1: Online PFAS guide for companies, ChemSec, February 2023.

Deliverable 7.1: Ad-/desorption performance of IEX resins towards short-chain PFAA, DVGW, February 2023.

Deliverable 7.3. Passive sampling tool for sampling PM substances in a range of matrices, NIVA, September 2023.

Deliverable 8.1: Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, NGI, March 2022.

Deliverable 8.2: ZeroPM website, NGI, December 2021.

Deliverable 8.3: ZeroPM communication plan, NGI, March 2022.