Market Transition

The main objective of WP4-Market Transition is to catalyse a market transition away from harmful PM substances

This will be achieved through the following sub-objectives: 

  Assist, encourage and connect companies, who are at various stages of making this market transition 

 Produce tools that support industry to identify persistent and mobile substances in their products and adopt persistent and mobile substance alternatives  

 Ensure the perspective of companies producing and using persistent and mobile substances and their alternatives is heard in the current and forthcoming policy changes  

WP4 Market transition will work in close collaboration with the industry (manufacturers and downstream users of chemicals) to provide fit for purpose web-based tools to support companies at different stages of the market transition.  

The existing SIN (Substitute it Now) List and the Marketplace developed by ZeroPM partner ChemSec will be used to achieve this subobjective. In addition, a new tool to help companies better understand what products that may contain PFAS will be produced. The need for such support has been obvious during ChemSecs work with the “PFAS movement” which gathers companies wanting to see stricter regulation of PFAS chemicals. 

The Team 

WP4 is lead by Dr. Anna Lenquist at ChemSec, and assisted by colleagues Dr. Jonaten Kleimark, Anne-Sofie Bäckar, Peter Pierrou and Janice Quitz. ChemSec will be in close dialogue with the ChemSec Business Group and other industry members of the extended user group. 

ChemSec’s initiatives to achieve market transition from hazardous substances
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413 28 Göteborg, Sweden
 Dr. Anna Lennquist
WP4 leader
 Dr. Jonatan Kleimark
 Anne-Sofie Bäckar
 Peter Pierrou
 Janic Quitz