The main objective of WP3: Policy is to stimulate and support policy changes to more effectively tackle persistent and mobile substances.

This will be achieved through the following sub-objectives:

To describe relevant European and international policy objectives and actions as well as identify needs, and challenges for realising them.

To analyse opportunities and gaps in the existing policy framework for preventing persistent and mobile substances from entering the environment.

To develop policy actions tailored to groups of persistent and mobile substances, uses or sectors and assess their feasibility of facilitating a transition towards zero pollution from persistent and mobile substances.

To design roadmaps for groups of persistent and mobile substances, uses or sectors as well as to formulate and disseminate concise policy messages.

WP3: Policy has developed the ZeroPM Regulatory Watch. The Regulatory Watch tracks forth coming EU initiatives that will have an impact on the regulation of persistent and mobile substances and is updated monthly.


WP3 is led by Lise Oulès, Milieu Law and Policy Consulting (Milieu), who will use their extensive experience in assisting European policy makers and stakeholders with various aspects of the EU Green Deal to achieve the objectives above towards the prevention of PFAS and persistent, mobile substances. The German Environment Agency (UBA), who were the first to develop guideline documents for PMT/vPvM substances for policy action within Europe, will collaborate in WP3.

The first PMT/vPvM substances to be listed as SVHCs or restricted under REACH

Lise Oulès
WP3 leader (Milieu)

Julia Lietzmann (Milieu)

Gretta Goldenman (Milieu)

Florent Pelsy (Milieu)

Mariya Gancheva (Milieu)

Alicia McNiell (Milieu)

Tobias Mohr (UBA)

Dr. Ivo Schliebner (UBA)

Jona Schulze (UBA)

Dr. Michael Neumann (UBA)

Milieu Consulting SRL (Milieu)
German Environment Agency (UBA)