Project Management

Project Management is done to ensure an efficient collaboration among partners within the consortium and with parties outside the consortium including the Commission; that project objectives are fulfilled on time and within budget; that high-quality standards are met; and that the expected project impact is achieved.

The objectives are to

  • Oversee and ensure effective coordination, planning, implementation and realization of activities.
  • Manage financial and administrative activities including reporting, organization and facilitation of consortium meetings and contractual agreements.
  • Uphold open communication with the Commission and within the project.

The Team

WP1 is lead by the Project Coordinator Sarah Hale, and it involves all beneficiaries of ZeroPM. For more information, see Who is ZeroPM?

Work Packages

There are 8 central work packages in ZeroPM, which are all interconnected. WP1 will be monitoring and in contact with all of these work packages, as presented below.