Test Sites

Test Site 1: The Rastatt Case

This area is contaminated with PFAS of varying chain sizes. The suspected cause was the application of contaminated sludge to the agricultural area which polluted the soil and resulted in polluted groundwater and then drinking water. Treatment methods to remove the prioritized PFAS and other persistent and mobile substances will be investigated. Methods include the use of a full scale activated carbon (AC) treatment plant and a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment plant.

Test Site 2: The Upper Rhine

The test site is near to Mainz which is the capital of the Rhinland-Palatinate in Germany. The area is heavily industrialized and raw water comes from bank filtrate. Advanced treatment options will be investigated for their ability to remove prioritized persistent and mobile substances.

Test Site 3: Mytilene

At this site in Mytilene, Greece, advanced waste water treatment methods will be tested to remove prioritized persistent and mobile substances . A pilot plant will be constructed and run for two years to remove contaminants in sludge by hydrotermal carbonization.