ZeroPM on Zenodo
Early data releases, presentations and other open access resources are published live on ZeroPM’s Zenodo community!

ZeroPM’s GitHub
Help crack the ZeroPM code! The official GitHub repository for ZeroPM can be found here.

ZeroPM on PubChem
The substances that ZeroPM researchers have prioritized for deeper research as part of prevention, prioritization and removal investigations are listed on the ZeroPM’s PubChem page. ZeroPM will add information on these substances via PubChem as part of ambition of Open Science and FAIR data.

External Databases and tools
Useful resources on PFAS, PMT/vPvM substance, QSARs and chemical property databases that will be utilized, and in many cases expanded by, the ZeroPM research team can be found here.

Wordclout PMT substances