ZeroPM Regulatory Watch released

ZeroPM just released the first version of the Regulatory Watch. WP3 Policy is hosting the “ZeroPM Regulatory Watch“, which will provide information about upcoming EU Initiatives that will have an impact on the regulation of persistent and mobile substances. This will alert ZeroPM members and interested stakeholders about these initiatives and opportunities for commenting on proposals. This can be accessed here.

The PFAS universe

The universe of #PFAS and non-PFAS #organofluorine substances has just been laid bare for all to see and explore.

Give it a click and see:
– structure based PFAS searching
– many downloadable PFAS inventories
– links to full pubchem datasheets

– 6 million OECD PFAS
– 19 million organofluorine substances

The database published on pubchem is available here

And the background docs are here

Fantastic work by Emma Schymanski and colleagues on behalf of ZeroPM