ZeroPM Regulatory Watch update August 2022

As the EU Green Deal roles out, the ZeroPM regulatory watch will announce upcoming initiatives related to persistent and mobile substances.

The latest updates are:

  • The public consultation on the upcoming Soil Health Law has started and is open until 24 October 2022. The questionnaire contains a few questions linked to soil contamination and remediation.
  • The deadline to comment on the draft act of the revised Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive has been extended until 19 September.
  • ECHA announced initiatives to two upcoming SVHC dossiers for melamine and Perfluoroheptanoic acid and its salts.

See the complete ZeroPM Regulatory Watch here:

ZeroPM Regulatory Watch released

ZeroPM just released the first version of the Regulatory Watch. WP3 Policy is hosting the “ZeroPM Regulatory Watch“, which will provide information about upcoming EU Initiatives that will have an impact on the regulation of persistent and mobile substances. This will alert ZeroPM members and interested stakeholders about these initiatives and opportunities for commenting on proposals. This can be accessed here.