External Resources

Below are useful resources related to PFAS, PMT/vPvM substance, QSARs and chemical property databases that will be utilized — and in many cases expanded — by the ZeroPM research team.

The UBA webpage for information about PMT/vPvM substances

Large chemical databases and resources that contain suspect lists for PMT/vPvM substances and PFAS: PubChem, CompTox and NORMAN-SLE.

QSAR Tools and Chemical Property Databases available from the OECD and ECHA:
QSARToolbox – a one stop shop for diverse QSARs and data organization
eChemPortal – the global portal for experimental and estimated information on chemical substances, which compiles databases from REACH among other international databases

A database to estimate partitioning properties is the UFZ-LSER database.

Available EU Joint Research Centre (JRC) scientific tools and databases such as:
EUSES – The European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances
CRAFT (Chemical Reactivity and Fate Tool) and METIS (Metabolic Information Input System)
ToxRTool – Toxicological data reliability assessment tool

Databases of toxicity information can be found out the PFAS-tox database and and the Envirotox database.

This list is incomplete and will be expanded in the near future.