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ZeroPM Webinar

Announcing the #ZeroPM #Webinar: “Do you use #PFAS in your business? The PFAS guide will help you find out.” –

with Anna Lennquist and Jonatan Kleimark from ChemSec!

When: September 14’th, 12:00 – 13:00 CET.

Identifying where and why PFAS are used and found in products and processes is a challenge to many companies. In light of the proposed European wide PFAS ban, understanding these difficult questions is necessary. The PFAS Guide, launched in February 2023 by ChemSec as part of ZeroPM, aims to support companies as they map PFAS in their products and processes and will help companies take the first steps to move away from PFAS. In this webinar you will get an introduction to the PFAS guide (https://pfas.chemsec.org/) and its features as well as looking at how to use it. You will also learn more about PFAS uses in the electronics sector through a presentation of the report “Check your Tech” (https://chemsec.org/reports/check-your-tech-a-guide-to-pfas-in-electronics/) which has been produced as part of the project.

More info and register here: https://zeropm.eu/2023/09/zeropm-webinar-do-you-use-pfas-in-your-business-the-pfas-guide-will-help-you-find-out/