Prevention Workshop

ZeroPM’s first workshop
7th and 8th of February, 2023

Links and Resources from the ZeroPM Prevention workshop #ZeroPMWorkshop

ZeroPM proudly hosted the workshop:

Achieving Zero Pollution of Persistent and Mobile Substances:
Prevention through Chemical Alternatives, Policy Action and Market Transition

7th and 8th of February 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden

The workshop was an opportunity to interact with experts and authorities on prevention strategies to achieve zero pollution of persistent and mobile substances through chemical alternatives, policy action and market transition.

Here you will find a teaser trailer, the program, links to presentations and videos from the workshop.



ZeroPM Prevention Workshop – Video series

ZeroPM Prevention Workshop – Presentations


Opening address: Achieving Zero Pollution of Persistent and Mobile Substances, Sarah Hale, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; Hans Peter Arp, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Updates and perspectives from the European Commission, Sylvain Bintein, European Commission – DG ENV. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Managing PMT/vPvM substances in consumer products through the concepts of essential use and functional substitution: a case study for cosmetics, Romain Figuière, Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Regulatory Options for PMT/vPvM substances in the REACH registration database, Michael Neumann, German Environment Agency. Presentation, Videos of presentations
ECHA’s perspectives on the introduction of new hazard classes into the classification, labelling and packaging regulation, Konstantinos Prevedouros, European Chemicals Agency. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Moving away from PFAS, Maria Åkerfeldt, H&M Group. Presentation, Videos of presentations
The journey to develop and promote an alternative to PFAS, Nicole Hühn, Sympatex. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Why financial investors should care about persistent chemicals, Victoria Lidén, Storebrand Asset Management. Presentation, Videos of presentations
Evolving directions in alternatives assessment methods and practice: driving growth of safer and more sustainable chemicals, Joel Tickner, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, UMass Lowell. Presentation, Videos of presentations


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