Users and Stakeholders

Achieving tap water and a toxic-free environment of persistent and mobile substances involves many people and sectors working together.

ZeroPM will play a role in influencing the societal changes required through

Increasing innovation through safe alternatives to persistent and mobile substances
Supporting the market for greener products
Understanding the barriers for the adaptation of preventative solutions
Advancing the most efficient strategies for persistent and mobile substance removal

ZeroPM will produce newsletters, host ZeroPM and science-policy webinar series, produce press releases, popular opinion pieces and scientific publications, participate in conferences, workshops, fairs and events, host ZeroPM workshops and carry out a training program for ZeroPM PhD students and postdocs. In addition, individual work packages will deliver policy briefs, replies to public consultations of forthcoming policy, web-based tools for chemical manufacturers and downstream users, data inventories, remediation fact sheets and guideline documents and an update to the SIN List.

When available/announced, these will be presented in our Publications, Resources, Events and News pages.

ZeroPM will spread and embed the projects results with all potential users (PU) in order that use, emissions and pollution from PM substances is reduced to protect European water resources and avoid risks to humans. ZeroPM has identified the following potential user (PU) groups and many organisations are already on board. Please contact the ZeroPM coordinator at the email address shown below if you would also like to be included.

ZeroPM will provide a political, economic, scientific and societal impact. ZeroPM will disseminate its results to the potential user (PU) groups shown (please click on the image for higher resolution)

PU1: USEPA are currently developing risk assessment tools and prioritizing sites for regulation and clean-up.

PU3: The ChemSec extended business group

PU4: The ChemSec business group formed of Adidas Group, Apple, Boots UK, Coop, Dell, EurEau, H&M Group, IKEA, Kingfisher, Lego Group, Shaw Industries, Skanska, Sony Mobile, The Swedish Construction Federation. The business group seeks to promoting the understanding of, and providing solutions to, emerging chemicals issues, where PM substance pollution arising from chemical manufacture and use, is one of them.

PU5: Global Water Research Coalition has 12 members spread across the globe. The GWRC serves as a focal point for the global collaboration for research planning and execution on water and wastewater related issues.

PU5: EurEau brings together drinking water and waste water professionals across 29 countries who supply water to over 500 million people.

PU5: The International Association of Waterworks in the Rhine Basin works towards for clean drinking water for 61 million inhabitants. The organisation consists of 120 water utilities in six countries along the river Rhine: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They focus on open and transparent public related to the precautionary protection of drinking water resources.

PU5: Vewin: Dutch association of water supply companies are involved in international regulation, research and cooperation to improve water quality. Vewin supports regulation of PMT substances.

PU5: RIWA Rijn is the association of 4 drinking water companies in the Netherlands who work to improve water quality in the Rhine via prevention, prioritization and removal approaches.

PU5: Wasserversorgung Rheinhessen-Pfalz GmbH supplies more than 229 000 people with drinking water in the Rhineland-Palatinate area in Germany, some of which comes from bank filtrate. WVR is concerned about the presence of PM substances in the water supply and will participate in the pilot water treatment demonstrations in ZeroPM.

PU5: Stadtwerke Rastatt supply 50000 people with drinking water in the Rastatt area in Germany. The presence of PFAS in supplies necessitates technical solutions.

PU5: Lesvos Water Supply and Sewage Company S.A. is the largest Water Supply and Sewage Company in the North Aegean Region. It operates the STP at Mytilene where the sludge pilot system will be installed, as well other 12 STPs in the island of Lesvos.

PU5: Hellenic Association of Municipal Water and Sewerage Companies coordinates and represents activities of the 117 members in Greece. They assist members with service improvement and have identified the occurrence of PM substances in drinking water, waste waters and sewage sludge is one of the major issues of concern for members.

PU6: Donau Carbon have 100 years of experience in the production, evaluation, and implementation of activated carbon (AC) adsorption systems (full scale and mobile units) for water remediation.

PU6: REGENESIS carry out research, development and supply of products and services for cost-effective remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.

PU6: ENBIO Ltd construct water and wastewater treatment systems, supplier of environmental technology solutions in Greece.

PU6: LANXESS provides products for the remediation of PM substance contaminated water.

PU6: CONDIAS manufacture systems which can be used for the degradation of PFAS.

PU7: Green Science Policy Institute works to facilitate the responsible use of chemicals to protect the ecosystem and human health. It builds partnerships between scientists, regulators, businesses, and public groups to develop innovative solutions.

PU7 ZeroPM External Excellence Advisory Board: Yale University (Prof. Julie Zimmerman, Editor-in-Chief ES&T), University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Prof. Joel Tickner), Univérsity de Montreál (Prof. Sébastian Sauvé), Peking University (Prof. Jianguo Liu) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Dr. Biao Jin).

PU8: The District Office of the City of Rastatt is directly affected by the PFAS contamination in the Rastatt area and will participate at test site 1.

PU8: Clean Cape Fear is made up of advocacy groups, community leaders, scientists, educators, and professionals working to solve the DuPont /Chemours PFAS pollution in America in local air, soil, water, and food supply.

PU8: PfoaProjectNY is a grass roots group responding to elevated concentrations of PFOA in the blood of local residents in New York as a result of contaminated drinking water.

PU8: Chemtrust has a mandate to protect humans and animals from harmful chemicals and currently highlight PM substances as of particular concern.