ZeroPM on Zenodo, GitHub and PubChem

With the ZeroPM community just opened on Zenodo, we are providing another FAIR and open venue for the scientific community to get updates, datasets and tools as soon as possible on ZeroPM, as well as to collaborate to our ambition towards Zero Pollution of persistent and mobile substances, to protect the sources of our drinking water. Check it out now to see the PFAS, PMT and vPvM substances we are focusing on in the early stages of the project, here. Other great resources our our GitHub page and PubChem page.

File:Octicons-mark-github.svg - Wikipedia

ZeroPM kick’s off

The ZeroPM kickoff meeting was held online on November 18’th-19’th, 2021. All partners are ready to go Zero to PFAS, PMT and vPvM substances: What a team!

Screenshots below:

Posing between presentations
Project coordinator Sarah Hale kicks off the kick off
What a team!