The ZeroPM presentations and platforms at SETAC Seville are now online!

Several members of ZeroPM attended SETAC Seville to present their latest results on preventing, prioritizing and removing persistent and mobile substances. We obtained some excellent feedback going forward. The material ZeroPM presented is (mostly) online, and now accessible to those who were not at SETAC! See the links below


Eleni K. Savvidou, Amanda Rensmo, Jonathan P. Benskin, Steffen Schellenberger, Xianfeng Hu, Marcel Weil, Ian T. Cousins, “Alternatives to the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the electrodes and electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs)” (poster) –

Joanke van Dijk, Romain Figuière, Marlene Agerstrand and Bernd Nowack: “Taking into account data quality and uncertainty to guide informed chemical substitution of PMT/vPvM substances” (poster)–

Romain Figuière, Luc Miaz, Eleni Savvidou, Ian T. Cousins, “Database of alternatives to PFAS based on the functional substitution approach” (platform) –

Romain Figuière, Zhanyun Wang, Ian T. Cousins, “Implementation of the “Essential-Use” Concept in Chemical Regulations” (poster) –


Raoul Wolf, Sivani Baskaran, Emma Schymanski, Zhanyun Wang, Hans Peter H. Arp, Sarah Hale, “So FAIR, So Clean: How the cleanventory Approach Provides Reliable Data for Chemical Structures Regulated in Global Trade Markets” (platform) –

Hans Peter H. Arp, Parviel Chirsir, Emma H. Palm, Sivani Baskaran, Emma L. Schymanski, Zhanyun Wang, Raoul Wolf, Sarah E. Hale, “Grouping persistent and mobile substances to expedite assessments and avoid regrettable substitution” (platform)

Sivani Baskaran, Raoul Wolf, Hans Peter H. Arp, “Exploring Organic-Carbon–Water Partition Ratio (KOC) Data for Mobility Hazard and Exposure Assessments Using Big Data Approaches” (platform) –

Zhanyun Wang, Hongyan Zou, Tao Wang, Zhong-Liang Wang “Chemicals Continuing Large-Scale Global Trade and Illegal Trade of Highly Hazardous Chemicals” (platform)

Hans Peter H. Arp, Andrea Greldelj, Martin Scheringer, Ian T. Cousins, “How Do We Address the Global Threat of Irreversibly, Accumulating Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA)?” (poster)

Sivani Baskaran, Parviel Chirsir, Shira Joudan, Raoul Wolf, Emma Schymanski, Evan Bolton, “Reporting Chemical Data in the Environmental Sciences” (poster) –

Todd Gouin, Li Li, Shenghong Wang, Zhizhen Zhang, Michael J. Whelan,  “Application of a multimedia activity model for evaluating the fate of persistent mobile organic chemicals in soil: The influence of media-specific volume fractions” (poster) –


Emma Knight  et al. “Passive Sampling Calibration for Persistent and Mobile Chemicals” platform (manuscript in prep)

G. Altiparmaki, G. Gatidou, E.R. Knight, I.J. Allan, A. Stasinakis, S.Vakalis, “Assessing the Destruction and Gaseous Carry-over of PFAS during Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) of Sewage Sludge” (manuscript in prep)

Dissemination and Communication

Hans Peter H. Arp, Sarah E. Hale, “ZeroPM on YouTube” –