Proposal for three Water Quality Indicators

The EU recently requested feedback on is priority objectives for its 8th Environmental Action Program, for environment and climate policy until 2030 and its long-term vision to 2050 of living well, within planetary boundaries. As part of this there a call for feedback regarding current existing environmental indicators. As part of this members of ZeroPM noticed there was a lack of indicators addressing water quality, and proposed three new Water Quality Indicators for consideration.

Water Quality Indicator: The volume of raw water requiring advanced treatment for safe drinking water consumption in the EU decreases by 50% from 2025 to 2050.

Water Pollution (Health) Indicator:  Premature deaths due to exposure to water pollution decreases

Water Pollution (Biodiversity) Indicator: Loss of biodiversity due to exposure to water pollution decreases

For more information on the 8’th EAP and other feedback received click here.

A detailed description of the basis for introducing these three new indicators can be found in this document: